Natural medicine, also known as Naturopathy is a form of alternative medicine consisting a wide array of “natural” treatments, which includes homeopathy, yoga, Herbalism, and acupuncture, as well as diet and lifestyle counselling. Naturopathy is a system of working towards the cure of diseases without using medicines.  It can be considered as traditional and ancient science which integrates the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of our natural constitution.  Naturopaths generally favor a complete approach to having non-invasive treatment and generally avoid the use of drugs and surgery. The philosophy of this medicine is generally based on self-healing and self-vitalizing.


Naturopathy and its belief.

Naturopathies practice is based on the belief that the body has the ability to heal itself through a special force guiding bodily processes internally or simply vital energy. The main reasons and remedies for most of the diseases are the same which is ailments developed due to the presence of intoxicants. These intoxicants cause diseases not the bacteria and viruses, which simply feed off them. So removing these intoxicants from the body is the best way to get away from diseases, this can be done through naturopathy which aims at teaching  people the basic art of healthy living by changing their daily routines and habits. This helps in curing the disease in addition makes our body strong and glowing.

Naturopathy helps many.

The various modalities used by a naturopath vary with training and scope of practice. The various treatments may include:  nature cures, applied kinesiology, physical medicine, chelation therapy for atherosclerosis, homeopathy, ozone therapy, Herbalism, public health measures and hygiene, acupuncture, colonic enemas, Psychotherapy, hair analysis,   brainwave entrainment, Rolfing, cranial osteopathy, Iridology, color therapy, live blood analysis, reflexology,  massage therapy, and traditional Chinese medicine. It also includes a range of therapies based on exposure to natural elements such as fresh air, sunshine, as well as following nutrient advice regarding what to eat, when to eat and how to eat. Meditation, relaxation and other methods of stress relaxation like yoga also falls under the same category of naturopathy.

The branch of naturopathy faces criticism.

Despite of its merits some people do not believe naturopathy to be very reliable. They believe that naturopathy lacks an adequate scientific basis. According to them some methods depend on immaterial vital energy fields, whose existence or has not been proven, and thus there is a concern that naturopathy as a field tends towards isolation from general scientific discourse. Natural medicine is also criticized for its dependence on and its association with disproven, unproven, and other controversial alternative medical treatments, and for its ritualistic foundations.