Natural Alternative Medicine: For Mind, Body and Soul

Miracles do happen, things that even science cannot always explain. Things that will keep you wondering if all the expensive pills you just took could really have such a simple substitute. True enough, it is quite a wonder and we live in a world filled with such wonders.


Scientists call it Natural Alternative Medicine. They will also express their concerns most frankly about its success and viability; mostly because of the billions of dollars being invested in research, for this promising new field of science. Money, which could be used for research in the other more conventional faculties.

What is Natural Medicine?

Naturopathy is a branch of Alternative Medicine, which does not limit its fundamentals in conventional medicine alone. The Human Body is not just a mass of chemicals, but essentially a vital force that drives these clumps of matter to work together giving every human being the life force. Any ailment that affects the body is due to impurities and negative energy. All these diseases can be cured by manipulating and maximizing the Vitality or Life Force. Those who practice naturopathy believes that drugs and surgery are the least important appendages of the remedial process. The more important ones are Homeopathy, Herbalism (Ayurveda), Acupuncture and Dietary Treatment.

Where It Is Applied?

Specifically, some of the important methods employed are Applied Kinesiology, Chelation Therapy, Brainwave Entrainment, Cranial Osteopathy, Iridology, Ozone-Therapy, Live Blood Analysis, Massage Therapy etc. Also treatments primarily focus on a Healthy Nutritious Diet and exposure to the vital life forces like Sunshine, Heat or Cold, Fresh Air etc. Also about 40% of adults have been admittedly using Complimentary Alternative Medicine, which is a combination of treatments which encompasses both Alternative and Conventional Medicinal cure.

Some of the greatest human minds like Hippocratus and Benedict Lust have been the most important people in the development of this branch of medicine. And today technologically advanced countries like the USA are handing out licenses to professional Naturopaths and researching the scientific variability of its success.

Naturopathy has seen many success stories. A 40 year old lady who had been smoking for almost half her life quit after 2 Weeks of treatment at her local naturopathy clinic. An octogenarian who was fed up of the Eczema spreading up all over his body and constant Fatigue underwent a similar kind of treatment and is better within a month.

This makes us believe that Natural Alternative Medicine is indeed the better alternative when it comes to medical treatment.