Every human on this planet wants to be free from ailments and eventually lead a healthy and happy life. Medicines play a pivotal role in doing so. The word medicine might strike you as a chemical compound in solid or liquid state which you take when you are diagnosed with a disease to get cured. Though most of us would like to choose the standard medical curricula to cure our disease. Standard medical curricula includes the practices adopted by the doctors of osteopathy, medical doctors, and allied health professionals such as nurses and physical therapist. But to all these there is an alternative: “Alternative medicine”. As the name itself suggests, it is truly an alternative to the conventional Biomedicines.


It’s time to get off the less efficient conventional path.

The alternative medicine definition would refer to those medical commodities and practices which are not a part of the scientific methods of conventional medication. It includes a wide range of practices and therapies which may be contradicted by well-established science based health care system and may not be well tested, can even prove to be toxic or harmful. Examples include Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Chiropractic, varied forms of acupuncture, Ayurvedic medicines, Traditional Chinese medicines and faith healing. They can be used in place of conventional medicines, but the same is not applicable for the complimentary medicines. These can be further divided into various sub groups which are as follows:

Let’s know its types:

  1. Traditional ethnic systems: This consists of the traditional belief system for curing a disease. Traditional Chinese medicines and Ayurvedic medicines fall under this category.
  2. Unscientific belief system: This is a belief system which has nothing to do with the facts of science. Homeopathy and Naturopathy fall under this category. For example homeopathy deals with the belief that the element causing symptoms in a healthy person will cure similar symptoms in a sick person.
  3. Supernatural energies: Based on healing through super-natural energies which cannot be detected by laws of physics.
  4. Mind, body medicines: It is based on belief that mind is the supreme commander of all the metabolism in the body and symptoms. It embraces healing through meditation and yoga.
  5. Herbal and natural medication: This medication practice includes the use of herbs and natural substances such as animal and fungal products for curing an ailment.

The bottom line of this article could be that indeed being a true alternative to the biomedicines, they still face huge contradictions due to lack of their scientific base. The right acknowledgement of the alternative medicine definition plays an important role.